Support Services

Value Added Services

Round The Clock Control Room

A State-of-the-art Control Room monitors and responds to all Medical, Criminal and Fire related emergencies at the clients’ site in shortest possible time. The Control Room monitors alarms generated remotely at site and provides customized response.

In order to provide the best response to its customers, the company has a concept of 24-hours control room whose job is to receive messages, analyze them and inform the right person. This acts as one point communication and command center, after the regular office hours. This certainly gives support to the operations team and works as a ‘Nerve Centre of a response organization comprising of Duty Director, Operations Director; Regional Director and the Managing Director in case of any emergency.

Quick Reaction Team

To support the entire security set-up, mobile Quick Reaction Teams are available at the disposal of the control room. These teams are connected through Radio Communications and Mobile Phones. QRT mainly comprises of personnel who are well-equipped and capable enough to take corrective and required action during emergencies.

Outsourcing Services

Your organization’s core mission is serious, but the underlying technology that supports it may not be. That’s where Group 4 can help. For more than 8 years, we wish our client to focus on their core missions, where depending on your needs; Group 4 can offer managed outsourcing services, or simply additional trained and skilled staff. We offer flexible solutions that manage the most complex environments efficiently, safely and securely.

Group 4 is “One-Stop-Shop” for Security Service Management Enabled via effective service. Currently, Group 4 is Master Solutions Partner operating in entire Nepal. We have a large and growing service which is talent base, focused on a broad and deep service portfolio, to lead replacement, expansion, innovation and enterprise service management.

 Cleaning Services

We provide customized solutions to the offices to meet all their high level Cleaning and Housekeeping requirements. Our trained human resources combined with sophisticated equipment consistently delivers way ahead of our client’s expectations in terms of quality upkeep. Services rendered include total public area cleaning, Office room care, buffing and refinishing of floors, upholstery & carpet cleaning etc.

Chuffer Service

We provide security trained driver with a knowledge of corporate culture. Driver selected for you will be as per your need and motivated. He/she will take care of your vehicle and will also have basic vehicle maintenance knowledge.

Receptionist/Phone Operator

Smart, good-looking with a welcoming attitude is a basic introduction of Group 4 receptionist/Phone operator, which is be placed at your front desk.


Education, age, physical and mental fitness and previous background check is done at the time of recruitment which is followed by medical examinations by our team of corporate doctors. It would be ensured that the candidate selected, are honest, loyal, hard working with positive attitude. Group 4 will always maintain a personnel file with all the necessary paper work of each selected candidate.


Our entire Group 4employees will be well groomed & uniformed, so that they appear clean and smart and are easily Identifiable. They will be deployed only after conducting a short training capsule and reorientation required for effective work performance.


Supervision is for inspiring and motivating the team In order to bring the best out of them. Supervisor will be very knowledgeable and experienced in the field of custodial cleaning/ management and well versed with all the varied tasks required to be performed. Supervisor will organize and supervise the day- to -day work and ensure that the quality of service is met as per the contract requirement. Supervisor will also report to the designated contact person of the client.

The supervisor will assist the Assignment in charge in performing all the functions assigned to them. They will be actual responsible to create self-awareness In themselves and staff under their control. They will ensure that the patient is comfortable In a clean environment following to the last detail all procedures laid down for cleaning, disinfecting regularly. They will maintain daily log books and keep a track of all the jobs. The supervisors for cleaning job are housekeeping trained persons, who are also experienced in cleaning, management, hospitality, usages of cleaning agents, disinfectants etc as well trained in grooming and fire-fighting courses.

Duties and the responsibilities

The detail duties and responsibilities stated in the scope of work (SOW) would be converted into written assignment Instructions and given to each individual worker to follow them strictly. This would ensure that all the cleaners know their routine tasks without any element of doubt.

Operating Procedure

An attendance log book would be maintained by the supervisor which will be signed by the workers on duty on daily basis. Additionally they will also sign on the weekly roster which will also be counter signed by the supervisor. Any worker who becomes absent without valid reason will be replaced with the prior approval of the client.

Group 4 will furnish in advance a monthly assignment sheet with the names of all the staff to be posted on duty, by department wise. Any changes to the assignment sheet would be notified in writing at least 48 hours prior to becoming effective.

Each worker will be made available the daily/ weekly / monthly routine of duties by the supervisor in which job of the day or special task to be carried out for the day would be clearly mentioned.


Group 4 firmly believes that in order to operate the job smoothly and satisfy the client it is extremely important that proper reports are generated right at the grassroots level on a daily basis which are submitted to the operations team and the clients on a regular basis. The reports are also compiled on a weekly and monthly basis on standard Group 4 reporting formats, which are used to apprise the management and clients for providing effective services at the same time to monitor the performance of our staffs. A feedback form is circulated to every Client on a monthly basis to assess the performance of our service which would help to improve the quality of our service.

Management and performance review meetings

As a standard practice in Group 4, we hold regular meetings with our customers at all levels to discuss the performance of our staff, arrangements, reports and problems if any. These meetings also help us in identifying problems which might build up into a threat or risk at a later stage. The senior management teams are also present in these meetings periodically. We also send the following evaluation and comment form to be filled by our clients in a regular basis to keep record of client satisfaction and to take necessary step to upgrade our staffs

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